Library Update - Hillsdale County 9/30/21

New opening date released!

We've been given word that a new opening date for the Library has been scheduled. On March 2nd, 2022, the city officials have planned an opening ceremony. Despite public dispute over the opening date, officials have seemingly ignored all public comment and continued on ahead with plans. The people are seemingly upset because of the hypocricy of the governor, since in the past there have been wrong opening dates for new public places.

We asked residents of Hillsdale Township how they felt about this new update

Here, we talked to Jeanette Williams, who has three kids in the Hillsdale District, and who has scheduled multiple different events for the township. She is also a part of the Hillsdale Public council, and represents multiple different voulenteer organizations.

It's completely absurd, I just don't get it. Why are we leaving this descision up to the governor, when already we have seen multiple occasions where he has been proven wrong and shown that he shouldn't have responsibility over this. Remember when we had scheduled a free public adoption cafe? The governor had a date scheduled for August, the same time our employees were busy. We have lives too, scheduling things without knowing what people around you think is honestly disconcerning. I am disgusted.

How does this affect public opinion?

Many residents of Hillsdale have strongly expressed their opinions and showed that they're upset with Governor James. Many residents have even been protesting and sending e-mails and letters to the administration office. The council is currently deciding whether to continue on with the plans or change them, even though the popular opinion is obvious to all.

Why is this so important?

During the governor's first election, he lost due to multiple different disputes over his political, and moral views. Many thought that he would reign chaos with the power given to him. And during his second time running, it was extremely difficult to pick a candidate, the officials of the election had made it so that there wasn't much of an option.

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