Sunshine News from your local Hillsdale County! This is our 7 A.M. morning news, 9/16/21

A new library opening in the Hillsdale Public Schools Area

How did this happen?

Today we have received word of breaking news of a new library opening right across from Hillsdale High School. We've spoken with some administrators and have been told that this project was funded by the Johnson Foundation a company dedicated to making sure all children have access to reading materials and literature development. They have provided funding for numerous projects in Michigan, such as book trade-ins, reading giveaways, and writing contests.

When will it open?

We've been told that the build date has been scheduled for November 29th, 2021. In just a few weeks, construction on the building will be initiated. We also know that the Hillsdale Public Board of Administration has provided a community suggestion box for the library, in which residents of the Hillsdale community can share their opinions on what should be added or included to this library.

Some input from our community

We spoke with Lauren Michello and Janine Westnone today, they are teachers at our local Hillsdale High School.

Janine: This library will be a huge help to the students in our community, as more children have access to books and reading materials, as well as a quiet environment to work, they will be more focused in school and have a better, more positive attitude around their peers.

Lauren:I look forward to being able to redirect my students to the library, I myself have two children who will be able to have access to more reading materials and a quiet space to work, since my home as well, is very hectic! My students have already been posting on their social media about it, and putting in tons of suggestions!

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